Precision Mechanical Gauges

PH Tool™ offers a line of close-tolerance mechanical gauges used to evaluate critical part features. Precision machining methods enable us to maintain a high-degree of accuracy, and NIST-traceable certification of finished gauge dimensions. Gauges are permanently engraved with feature size, applicable scales/verniers, and unique serial number.

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Types of Gauges offered:

  • Angle Gauges
  • Fillet Angle Gauges
  • Radius Gauge
  • Undercut Gauges
  • Fillet Weld Gauges
  • Weld Reinforcement Gauges
  • Go/No-Go Gauges
  • Mismatch Gauges
  • Weld Throat Gauges

The vast majority of gauges manufactured at PH Tool are used for inspection of welds. Measurement and inspection of a welded joint is an important step in the quality control and reliability of weldments. Weld Gauges are everyday tools that help Certified Weld Inspectors evaluate the quality of a weld. Gauges are available for checking alignment, checking dimensions before welding, verifying weld dimensions, and more.

Weld Gauges also allow the inspector to detect external defects such as undercuts, lack of fusion, underfill, or excess weld metal. Weld Gauges can be found in many industries where certified welding is needed, including ship-building, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, automotive, railroad, and many others.

The experienced machining staff at PH Tool is ready to help with your next mechanical gauge requirement. All gauges are produced on a made-to-order basis and are not stocked in inventory.  We are happy to work from your custom drawings or designs as well.  Please give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more.