Eddy Current Bolt Hole Reference Standards

US Air Force General Purpose bolt hole standardAir Force General Purpose Eddy Current Standard

Standard is a three (3) plate assembly measuring 4" x 7" x 1.06". Contains twenty (20) fastener holes with diameters from 0.156 to 0.750", two (2) screw holes, and two (2) dowel pins holes. Standard also contains a total of 66 EDM notches in various locations. Notch depth and length vary. Width is 0.004" for all notches. Material is Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6, QQ-A-250/12. Finished standard is anodized per MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class I. Standard can also be made in titanium, steel, stainless steel or other alloy. These reference standards are manufactured in accordance with U.S.A.F. Tech Order 33B-1-1, Figures 4-47 through 4-49. NSN 6635-01-092-5129, P/N 7947479-10. Standard is normally in stock. Call 267.203.1600 for current pricing or see what we have in stock in our online store


PH Tool Bolthole Standardlarge12 Hole Eddy Current Bolt Hole Standards

 PH Tool 12-Hole Eddy Current Bolthole Standards. Various alloys and notch configurations available. These reference standards are used for Eddy Current Rotary Bolthole Inspection, and serve as a cost-effective alternative to more complex government bolthole standard designs, such as the Air Force and Navy Eddy Current Standards. Can be customized upon request. Fast turnaround. Call 267.203.1600 for current pricing or see more information in our online store 


helicopter 1picDC-10 Service Bulletin Reference Standards

PH Tool™ is a recommended source for Eddy Current Reference Standards required per Service Bulletin 55-24. All four (4) standards are available including part numbers: SB10550024-3 (10RS.51), SB10550024-5 (10RS.51), SB10550024-7 (10RS.51), and SB09530016-5 (DAC GSET AL.01, pictured). Material is 7075-T6 Aluminum alloy. DAC-GSET AL.01 is normally in stock. Call 267.203.1600 for current pricing.


dc 10picBell Helicopter Eddy Current Standard No. EC-10-20

This standard is called out in the recent Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) 407-01-48. PH Tool is the suggested manufacturer of this item. It is made from 2024-T3 aluminum sheet and measures .040" thick x 2.5" x 5.0". It contains two through holes at 0.172" diameter, and two at .203". Total of five EDM slots are included at .004" wide x .020" and .040" long and are machined through the .040" sheet thickness. This Eddy Current Reference Standard is machine-engraved with the standard no. (EC-10-20), alloy, serial number, and PH Tool. Standard is normally in stock. Call 267.203.1600 for current pricing.


et bh 1Special Bolt Hole Standard for Specific Applications

The example at left shows a 9-hole standard with hole diameters and alloy specified by customer. Standards in virtually any alloy are offered with hole diameters to suit your application. Notch configuration is also customer-specified.

et bh 2This standard contains a ..030" x .030" corner notch at each hole, and 1.000" long surface notches at depths of .005", .010", .020", and .050". Typical notch width is ..004". Email your requirements for us to quote. We do not even need a formal drawing, we'll take care of that if you haven't. Standards may be single or multi-layer fastened type. Don't settle for an "industry standard" when you can have the exact hole diameters and notch dimensions you need.

Various eddy current standards 17 Hole EC Standard        17 Hole EC Standard2

Additional Examples of Eddy Current Bolt Hole Standards