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PH Tool™ supplies the Power Generation industry with the best NDT Reference Standards available today. We understand the nature of your business and are committed to delivering top quality standards on time. PH Tool can supply the complete standard, or we'll work with customer-furnished materials. Pictured below are a few of the popular blocks used today including: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) calibration blocks, Eddy Current Testing (ET) calibration tubes, and UT Bolting standards.


asme topPDI ALTERNATIVE ASME Calibration Blocks

The new PDI Alternative ASME blocks meet the requirements of the Performance Demonstration Initiative (PDI) Procedure No. PDI-UT-1, Rev. C, Fig. 4 (Ferritic) and PDI-UT-2, Rev. C, Fig. 4 (Austenitic). These cover the generic procedures for the ultrasonic examination of both ferritic and austenitic pipe welds. The blocks offer users an economical alternative to fabricating multiple curved cal blocks (pipe sections) in many diameters and wall thicknesses.

The blocks are normally supplied in sets of 3 individual blocks; one in A516 Grade 70 Steel, one in Type 304/304L Stainless Steel, and one in Type 316/316L Stainless Steel. Individual blocks of any one alloy are also offered.

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ASMESecXICalibrationBlocksASME Sec. XI Calibration Blocks

This block meets the requirements of ASME Section XI, Figure III-3230-2. Block shown is Carbon Steel base metal with a Stainless Steel weld clad. The weld clad was performed while the pipe was 360º and was bored to a specific clad thickness. The two ID notches are through the clad and into the base metal as required. This block is available in any size or alloy needed, clad or not clad. Contains four EDM notches and four side-drilled holes at 1/4T and 3/4T, axially and circumferentially oriented.

We also offer the popular ASME Section V, Article 5, Figure T-542.8.1.1 Angle Beam Calibration Block containing four EDM notches.


AssortedASMEUltrasonicCalibAssorted ASME Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks

Photo shows a pipe section, nozzle, and bolting standard. All contain EDM notches and/or drilled holes. Can be machined from customer or PH Tool-supplied material. Uncommon sizes and shapes can be machined too. Pipe section at left was turned and bored from solid round bar due to the special size required.



ASMESecVArticle8EddyCurrentASME Sec. V Article 8 Eddy Current Calibration Tube Standards

Available in various alloys and sizes. This standard contains drilled FBHs, through-wall holes, and OD/ID grooves. Other standards with EDM notches, ID pits, wearscars, wall loss, ID FBHs, controlled dents, and milled flats available. Tube Support Simulation Rings also offered.

Inventory of certified tubing is maintained at PH Tool including stainless steel, copper-nickel, admiralty brass, inconel, titanium, monel, carbon steel and others. Our network of qualified material suppliers is ready to supply materials not currently in our stock.


ASMESecXIStudCalibrationStaASME Sec. XI Stud Calibration Standards

RPV Closure studs, Reactor Head studs, RCP studs and others can be EDM notched. Notches can be in the heater hole, in the thread, or on the shank. Notch reflective area meets the 0.059 and 0.028 square inch requirements.


EPRI Basic Calibration BlocEPRI Basic Calibration Blocks

Shown at left on pallet are 3 EPRI blocks per CS-4774 Fig. A-3 and 2 ASME Basic Calibration blocks (flat) per Sec. V Art. 5 Fig. T-542.2.1 in various thicknesses. We offer the COMPLETE manufacturing service including supplying the raw material, or we'll work with customer-supplied materials.


Stud StandardsStud Standards

EDM Notches can be machined in various locations on studs and bolting materials.